There was a young man shipwrecked on an island. He found a magic lamp on the shore one day, picked it up and rubbed it. A Genie appeared. However, he was not a typical Genie, he was an attorney Genie. When the Genie told the man he was also an attorney, the man laughed and said, "Oh come on, Genies can't be attorneys too!"

The Genie said he would prove it. He told the man to make his three wishes,but on one condition, for every wish he made, all attorneys were granted double of what the man wished for. The man pondered the offer and decided that something was better than nothing and decided his three wishes.

"My first wish is for 1 million dollars."

The Genie reminded the man that he would grant the wish, but all attorneys would get double that amount. The man agreed and then made his second wish.

"My second wish is for a beautiful blonde with blue eyes."
Once again, the Genie granted the wish and also granted all attorneys with two of the blonde eyed babes.

The Genie announced that the man had one more wish and to consider his choice carefully. The man thought for a moment. Suddenly, he drew the Genie's attention to a piece of driftwood lying on the beach. He told the Genie: "For my next wish, please pick up that piece of driftwood and beat me  half to death!!!"