Electronic Legal Transactions

I remember back in the late 70's when I was graduating from university being told that “they” expected the total knowledge in the world to have doubled by the year 1985 and that thereafter it would double every 5 years.

An incredibly bold statement you may say, but it has indeed happened and with the advent of “windows” broadband and the development of the WWW we have been ensured of this exponential growth.

Whilst Australian businesses and consumers have embraced electronic technology, there remains a substantial degree of mistrust in the confidentiality of electronically filed and transferred information and the general security of e-commerce systems. These businesses and consumers remain reticent in committing financial and private information to electronic systems because of security issues.

In 1994 Queensland Department of Natural Resources amended its entire titling and registration system. This was the first major overhaul in Australia of the Queensland Torrens system since its instigation and certainly the most far reaching in its impact.

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